hotdogsWhat are the best wines for a weenie roast?

Does the acidity in a Sauvignon Blanc complement or fight with the acidity of ketchup? And if you’re drinking Riesling, should you serve sweet or dill pickle relish?

Seriously—will anyone at a weenie roast really notice if a Malbec is too ponderous for a hot dog? Probably not.

Still, doesn’t finding a yummy match sound like a good excuse for a party? You supply the hot dogs, buns, condiments, and a bottle of wine or two, then ask each friend to bring a side dish along with a bottle of wine he/she thinks will be a good match.

For some ideas, here are our top 10 picks for weenie roast wines, listed from good to better to best (in our humble opinion):

10. Moscato d’Asti: A fruity, lightly fizzy pick from Italy that’s low in alcohol. Great if you like sweeter-style wines.

9. Syrah: This wine generally goes well with anything hot off the grill.

8. Zinfandel: Yes, it can be a bit heavy, but the all-American wine will go well with the all-American food, especially if you love red wine.

7. Pinot Grigio: Its mild flavor profile won’t step on many food’s toes, weenies included.

6. Prosecco: This light, bright wine from Italy was made for summer sipping, and like most bubblies, it goes well with many foods.

5. Riesling: You can rarely go wrong when you serve a fruity and refreshing pick in summer.

4. White Zinfandel: Cut the sweetness of this wine with ice, club soda, and a twist of lemon, and you have a low-alcohol sip that will go great with weenies and all the fixings.

3. A Crisp Rosé: Remember—not all pinks are sweet. Dry, crisp styles—such as those from France and Spain—are bright, summery sips that go with many casual foods.

2. Sauvignon Blanc: A zippy, zingy pick will taste as refreshing as that other weenie-roast standby:  lemonade.

1. Cava from Spain: These well-made, inexpensive sparklers please a crowd—and what’s a weenie roast without a crowd?

Courtesy Better Homes and Gardens Wine Club Team