Selecting a social media tool, understanding traffic analysis, or using browser tools, the newbie blogger is overwhelmed by the countless available blogging tools never mind trying to decide who is providing reputable information on a specific subject.

Implementing my 2011 resolution to share blogging experiences I begin with this personal mistake: Believing AND carrying out blog advice simply because a post or several posts were well written.

Multiple Twitter Accounts = Assured Blog Traffic, Not!

Twitter is, in my opinion, has the smallest learning curve of the social media networks. The other item that makes Twitter a favorite is the character limit. Somewhere, and more than once, I read one SHOULD hold twitter accounts for each blog niche. This surely would improve blog traffic. At the time, I had just one Twitter account and it was linked to my food blog with about 400 followers.

Hmmm thought the newbie in me, two Twitter accounts sounded excellent. Eager to promote this blog another Twitter account emerged. Ok, what next, I thought? A mental checklist of the posts instructions ensued. Tweet new posts. Check. Thank people who follow. Check. Retweet others posts that are interesting and related to my niche. Check. With roughly 1000 followers @redkathy and 400 @WomanMomFriend, tweeting became excessively confusing.

As many, if not all of you already know merely creating the two accounts and following the checklist did not generate traffic as the authors described. Failing to make the slightest mention of tweet quality, timing of tweets, or managing tools in conjunction with multiple accounts made the advice one-dimensional and unreliable. The additional factors were considered after the fact, learned through additional reading along with much trial and error.

Oh my gosh, how naïve was that decision? With two Twitter accounts live, I’m feeling as though there is no turning back or at least not just yet. Thankfully, I found a reputable, knowledgeable blog for advice on Twitter tools.

Meet the Woman – Ileane Smith

Ms. Ileane is a fellow Philadelphian and mother who authors Basic Blog Tips. Her interview with Gera, a fellow foodie, admired blogger, and now friend was inspiring to say the least. Shortly after the interview, another straightforward and fabulous tutorial by Ileane was included in Gera’s Week in Review post. Discovering Basic Blog Tips was comparable to hiring a blog tutor. Ileane’s blog includes blogging tips, video tutorials, and social media optimization.

Not only are Ms. Ileane’s posts very easy to understand, oftentimes she includes systematic video tutorials, which are very helpful for new bloggers or those with little technical knowledge.

Blog Tools for Twitter Users

Like the bizchickblog scenario, I lurked around Basic Blog Tips for a while. My first experience and comment with Ileane’s advice involved Feedburner, Google analytics, and Twitter.

“I recorded this video, so you can preview the new FeedBurner Beta interface and stats tracking. You’ll also learn how to enable FeedBurner to your Google Analytics account.”

This was just in time for my two accounts dilemma and I was excited! After following Ileane’s advice, real time stats from my favorite social media tool are available. This is a very helpful tool for any Twitter user. The ability to evaluate how many or if any Twitter followers visit my blog is huge.

Browsing Ileane’s blog, I learned managing multiple Twitter accounts could be accomplished with the help of Twitter management tools. With a HootSuite account already in place, this post set me on the path to a possible solution. Time will definitively tell. Wish I had stumbled upon her post before creating those Twitter accounts. On the other hand, refraining from turning back was a good decision. That’s one in the positive blogging column for me, yeah.

Ileane continues to review the latest impressive and most helpful blog tools available. Another great twitter tool recently reviewed by Basic Blog Tips is Old School Tweets. Check out this Google Chrome Extensions post to learn about Old School Tweets. I personally think it is an awesome Twitter tool and thank Ileane for reviewing it.

Thanks you Ileane for providing solutions to my naïve decisions. You are surely part of my 2011 inspiration to improve!

So friends, what are your favorite blogging or social networking tools?