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Welcome to Parenthood is hosting a new series entitled Welcome to Parenthood.  The  Press Release read in part,” Capturing the real experiences and emotions behind three couples’ journeys through various stages of new parenting, Pampers® diapers the world’s leading diaper brand, takes parents along for an unforgettable ride in the honest and entertaining Web-based series, Welcome to Parenthood. ” The series features suggestions and videos of new parents at different stages in their child’s life.

Wow, were they ever right to say parenthood is an unforgettable ride! My own boys are now 29 and 22 yet it seems not so long ago when I first experienced the joy, fear, and sometimes frustration of becoming a new mother. This particular video offers an overall idea of the series Welcome to Parenthood.

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My Pampers Experience

It is not without experience that I am writing this review. My oldest could only wear pampers brand disposable diapers. Every other brand on the market at the time irritated his skin, particularly in the groin area. During his 72 hour hospital stay this irritation was treated as a “normal occurrence” and I was reassured it would diminish quickly. Yeah well, not! Those diapers were donated to a friend. I tried the other leading brand with no success. Being a new mother with post-natal issues, a cranky newborn, and temporary cloth diaper use, I was frustrated and emotional, to say the least. When the irritation finally subsided, I found the courage to try disposable diapers one final time. Pampers were gentle enough for his skin to tolerate and absorbent enough to keep the skin dry, woo hoo! Pampers was my choice in diapers for my second son, who I might add was very fair skinned unlike his older brother. He had no irritation or rashes either. This time around, with a bit of experience behind me, I let my family and friends know my preferred diaper brand for baby shower purposes. Did you know diapers are the number one baby shower gift given outside of the registry list?

Parenthood Rewards

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