mint-tea lemonadeSummertime heat and cool beverages, have you tried iced green tea? For some it is the health benefits of green tea, for others it stirs memories of cold nights by the fireplace or perhaps its gallons of sun tea brewing on the back porch. Of all the teas available, it appears green tea is number one in growing popularity.

Research around the globe continues to provide hard evidence supporting the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea. Studies such as Journal of the National Cancer Institute and Perdue University conclude green tea is helpful in health conditions or diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infection, impaired immune function, and dieting.


Midlife Green Tea Binge

The onset of this green tea diet phenomenon really sparked my interest. After all, reports claim the Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times. Upon reading the research, and the hype, on how green tea is healthy, a six-month tea binge ensued. In addition, approaching midlife proved coffee to be off limits after five pm, unless of course insomnia was the goal!

Not eliminating my beloved coffee, a cup of green tea replaced coffee at five and beyond. During the day, iced green tea with lemon or orange slices replaced a few cups of java. The iced green tea was not only delicious but also extremely refreshing. It seemed lighter and cooler than the typical sun tea I was so used to consuming. My assumption was by drinking green tea a higher antioxidant intake and less caffeine would improve my sleep patterns and overall health.

Green Tea Results
Green tea really did curb my appetite just as the reports claimed. After just a few days, the cravings for snacks and sweets almost completely subsided. I point this out knowing many women struggle with eating between meals. Drinking green tea is better than taking those so called diet pills that work and is a great weight loss supplement helping to curb the snack fix.

Yes, I was definitely feeling more energetic throughout the day and healthier too. A resilient kind of healthy and less stressed for sure. Life’s circumstances remained stressful but I was changing. This was not“buzzed on caffeine” energy by any means. The iced green tea was definitely refreshing and flavorful. When consumed hot, it was quite a relaxing experience. Perhaps I found the replacement for the after five cup of coffee.

To date, the only negative side effect reported from drinking green tea is insomnia due to the fact that it contains caffeine. However, green tea contains less caffeine than coffee: there are approximately thirty to sixty mg. of caffeine in six – eight ounces of tea, compared to over one-hundred mg. in eight ounces of coffee. source: Chinese Food

Not a chance, my insomnia was worse! In fact, drinking the green tea increased the insomnia two fold. A portion of that insomnia may have been attributed to midlife hormones I’ll give you that. However, one would think with less caffeine intake, sleep patterns would improve. This was very disappointing. Not prepared to give up the wellness and energy benefits along with the refreshing flavor green tea provided, a limited intake resulted especially during the summer.

As for the after five cup, I gave it up and never looked back. My sleep, while not perfect, has improved greatly.

Have you ever tried a green tea regiment?