Woman computerDo you use online back up services? With the opening of hurricane season here in Florida, a valuable and affordable service to consider is online back up service. So many vital pieces of our lives today are in digital format consequently the thought of an online backup service seem almost a necessity.

Can you imagine experiencing the devastation of a hurricane and all your files were gone as well? Scanning vehicle titles, insurance policies, and birth records to store on a computer is a simple task. With an online back up service, these important documents will be accessible and restorable from anywhere.

A quick online comparison showed the top rated back up services include Carbonite, Mozy, and Idrive. Surprisingly, the cost of using an online backup service will cost anywhere from ten to fifteen cents a day. Furthermore, a computer can be set up to automatically back up as often as necessary. The piece of mind and security of knowing your records, photos, and data are forever safe is tremendous.

Taking into consideration the inexpensive cost to attain this level of security, I am of the opinion that everyone should consider using online backup services.