Geez my bathroom lighting is so old even the brightest bulbs seem dim. There is nothing worse than a dimly lit bathroom, in my opinion. Been thinking about ways to brighten the room with light and color.

Many of design sites and DIY articles on bathroom makeovers present the opinion that lighting placement is most important. Not only is lighting placement is important for safety reasons, remember my elderly father lives with me know, but for creating an overall mood too. Our bathroom fixture is above the mirror. While it may not be an ideal location, it avoids most conflicts with mirror size, medicine cabinet doors, and room dimensions. I know that is exactly what the contractor was thinking with our existing bathroom light however, the bathroom fixture is not long enough to illuminate the sides of the face never mind the rest of the room.

my old standard lighting... ugly

I have two choices, move to side mirror fixtures or find a longer wall mount fixture. Being a DIY person with vast budget constraints, I suppose the new overhead bathroom light is the right choice.

After browsing a whole host of lighting fixtures, I decided that this is the bathroom light for me. With a height of 8-1/4″, a width of 19-1/4”, and two 100 watt bulbs, I think the bathroom will be very well lit and much safer for Dad in addition to looking great.

my new bathroom light

The bathroom walls are smooth, medium blue in color and the accessories distressed, shabby white. I am thinking about installing a “chair rail” trim, applying a white and pale yellow sponge finish to the bottom half of the wall while leaving the solid blue above. The white and yellow will brighten up the lower half of the walls and possibly give the bathroom a larger, brighter appearance.

Are you a DIY person? Do you have comments or suggestion on my bathroom design idea? Your opinions and experiences are appreciated.