Purchase Florida car insurance for only $39.00 a month from top rates insurance firms. Do not believe it! The minimum car insurance requirement in Florida is Personal Injury Protection aka PIP insurance. Florida is a “No Fault” state. The theory is PIP coverage affords medical coverage for every auto owner.

The minimum limit is $8000.00 and applies to medical expenses only. For an additional fee coverage can be increased to $10,000.00 and can include work loss coverage. Deductibles are also offered to assist in lowering the premium costs. In Florida, the individuals health insurance policies are expected to pick up the medical balance beyond the PIP limit. If you do not have health insurance coverage, expect to owe the balance unless you are NOT at fault. Confused yet?

Simply put, the “No Fault” theory with PIP coverage gives everyone limited medical coverage regardless of who is at fault. Beyond PIP, fault does come into play. Having a huge amount of experience buying insurance and dealing with all sorts of insurance claims, not knowing the facts can be a life changing event! Medical providers will file liens to your property where large claims ensue. Adjusters will attempt to obtain medical releases early on. Been there done that, I’m just sayin’!

Beware when shopping for cheap car insurance! Know the coverage requirements and insurance laws for your state. Compares prices from “A” rated insurance companies and most importantly, get everything in writing.