Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. I prefer not to “go big” on this ancient, and nowadays excessively commercialized, day of love. You see, our wedding anniversary is barely one month later, and to me a more appropriate reason to splurge. This year we are celebrating 25 years of marriage, woo hoo!

I‘m a practical woman or perhaps midlife has matured that youthful dreamy romantic gene. Either way, I never was a material girl. An expensive yet beautiful bouquet of roses is a waste of money in my opinion. Moreover, my thinking is diamonds are appropriate for long lasting love occasions. An expensive anniversary or engagement-sized diamond is an excessive gift for Valentines Day in my humble opinion. Rings or another jewelry piece with sparkling diamond accent chips is more acceptable for a Valentines Day gift. After all, how many pieces of fine jewelry do I really need?

In fact, when hubby and I married, my diamond engagement ring was handed down. It was a beautiful, old-fashioned setting, mind you. One of  those charming engagement rings where the small diamond is surrounded in platinum, illuminating sparkles with the grand illusion of a large diamond and set on a gold band. I was quite happy to be given that diamond engagement ring.

This fact gnawed at the hubby. He sincerely believed a BIG diamond was something I should be blessed with. Knowing what he really thought was truly a beautiful display of love and more than enough for me.  On our 10th anniversary hubby prevail over my practicality and purchased a marquise cut diamond ring. I have to admit it is a sparkling beauty; I love the diamond ring. The elongated shape adds length to my short finger and brilliant colors sparkle in nearly any lighting. It was well worth waiting for although the hubs may not agree.


Diamond Facts

Similar to radiant cut diamonds, the marquise diamond is a multifaceted cut. However, the marquise radiates a bow-tie effect when light reflects on it. It produces an effect of dancing lights and radiates in the sun. This characteristic has been credited for its wide popularity among engagement rings.

For the ultimate representation in a diamond ring, one can purchase a heart diamond; that is, a diamond cut and polished in the shape of a heart. Many claim by doing so results in the loss of potential brilliance and fire. In other words, the intense brightness and those spectral sparks of blue and green, yellow and red are lost in the cut. However, did you know that some cut diamonds possess hearts and arrows?

According to whietflash engagement rings, “With special viewers it is possible to clearly see a pattern of eight symmetrically spaced arrows when observed from the top, and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom of the diamond. By combining optical symmetry with outstanding proportions and impeccable finish, diamonds will perform at peak levels with regard to brightness, scintillation, and dispersion (otherwise known as brilliance, sparkle, and fire)”


Marquis Diamond Ring


Twenty-five years of marriage hasn’t changed my view on Valentines Day gifts. I still prefer a small gift of love and time together rather than an elaborate, expensive gift of diamonds. A box of fine chocolates or better yet, a box of chocolates from our local Chocolatier Norman Love is a superb presentation of love. Even at midlife, date night with dinner and a movie, is another appropriate and romantic Valentines Day gift and one I’m still rather fond of too.


Norman Love Chocolates


How about you, what is your opinion on diamond rings and Valentines Day gifts?