With proper planning, outdoor lighting can be used to create an ambiance of romance while maintaining the functional areas of the patio. Installing separate circuits for the various areas of the outdoor patio as well as dimmer switches and multi-directional lighting facilitates the functionality of a single outdoor area. By highlighting the styles and shapes of gardens, pools, and outdoor decor a functional patio is easily transformed into a romantic getaway locale.

Romantic outdoor ambiance is best achieved through light fixture styles and placement. One way to obtain a romantic feel is to enhance fountains or tabletop waterfalls by installing globe and/or goose neck reflective lighting fixtures. Reflections from light cascading downward combined with the flowing sounds of water fashions a dreamy sensation.

outdoor romatic lighting


Direct lighting from an adjacent area can cast an enchanting reflection on a pool by using typical wall mounted outdoor spot lights. Arrange a sitting area at the opposite end or the “lesser lit area” to experience the glimmering ambiance.

To formulate a distinctive romantic nighttime patio, include lighting for the surrounding landscape. Decide on the portion of the landscape you wish to highlight at night, setting in motion the romantic experience.

The experts say plan, browse, and plan some more before purchasing outdoor lighting fixtures. In doing so, that functional family patio will be easily and economically transformed into a romantic outdoor getaway!