has a great piece on hair lengths. Being over forty myself, and in need of a haircut, I was compelled to check it out. There are some great ideas for hairstyles as well as interesting hair facts. I thought it would be nice to share the intro with you.

The best long hair and short hair length for women over 40.

Over 40 Hair: The Long and the Short

The conventional wisdom for hair after 40 is that a well-mannered middle length works for everyone. We beg to differ. Your sexiest hair length may be a lot longer — or shorter — than you thought.

No matter how great you look, if you’re over 40, your hair isn’t what it used to be. Hormonal changes (especially at menopause), years of chemical processing and heat styling, even dieting and smoking, can contribute to skimpier volume, a receding hairline, broken wisps around the face, and a widening part. The gradual decline of estrogen slows hair growth; it also reduces production of collagen, so hair becomes drier and more brittle and loses shine. Gray hair — whether you color it or not — has a coarser texture.

You can fake healthier-looking hair in the short term — and boost hair health in the long term — with the right products and care. What you need now, no matter what your hair’s length: low-sudsing, detergent-free shampoos that are loaded with humectants; rich, nourishing conditioners; protein-based masques; concentrated silicone or botanical serums to reduce frizz and add shine; non-drying mousses and styling sprays; creams to create a body-building base for blow-drying; light, leave-in conditioners for smoothness, silkiness, and manageability.