Being a business owner for over 20 years and now a blogger, I have learned first hand that tracking and managing is vital to every business. The industry is irrelevant, proper management is vital for success. Case and point, we own a construction business. Our management and tracking needs align with the management software by Milano. Milano retail software is a company who specializes in software for spas and salons. Their software is designed to manage every aspect of the spa business. While these are two very different industries, the necessary management characteristics are identical.

The value of inventory tracking and management

I am solely responsible for the estimating and job costing for our construction business. The lack of inventory tracking and management will most definitely allow a shortage or surplus of materials to be overlooked. As a result, moneys are being squandered, profits reduced. This becomes apparent after the fact and oftentimes significantly alters the bottom line. With proper management, overruns and surplus are discovered early on, allowing for adjustments. There have been many instances over the course of 20 years where we accumulated enough surplus materials to complete an entire job.

“Our Development Team has immersed themselves in the beauty and retail industries creating innovative software specific to your market.”  Milano Software

Inclusive Business Management Software

Milano is made up of modules that manage scheduling, employees, and inventory. Combined with their automated marketing, online booking, profit reports and cash register integration modules to name a few, Milano presents the total software for spas package.

Back in the day, tracking projects and company management was tiresomely done by hand. Today, industry specific software has allowed us to efficiently track and manage every project with ease. Moreover, these software packages also manage all aspects of the business, including accounting, employees, taxes, scheduling and so on. Most importantly, the margin of error in tracking and management is greatly reduced. Better business management always results in higher profits!



In summary, whether it is a small construction company, retail business, or personal service company, tracking and managing is vital to every business.  There are no industry exceptions. The use of industry specific software IS cost effective.

Do you use industry specific management software for your business?

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