Ever looked at you bathroom medicine cabinet and thought, “This cabinet is just ugly and so outdated”? Alternatively, perhaps you thought, “Old medicine cabinets echo an aged and dull bathroom?” The former is my medicine cabinet thought. Gone are the days when the only medicine cabinets available were one of these. You know, the one with a mirrored plain door wrapped in chrome trim. At present, medicine cabinets resonate, and at times even establish, the style of the bathroom to the degree that bathroom furniture or artwork might. However, like many of us, purchasing new medicine cabinet may not be within your means.

Browsing countless DIY blogs and websites provided several innovative and economical ways to transform that old medicine cabinet. I am excited!

A Basic Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Red Roof  Blue Door posted the most excellent economical and versatile medicine cabinet makeover. The renovation requires few materials simple molding, paint, glue, and perhaps sanding capable filler. The versatility is vast due to the many styles of molding trims and paints colors available.

The process is incredibly simple, requiring the skill to cut miters, paint, and glue. Molding is applied to the mirror creating a beautiful picture frame design similar to the cabinet shown here.

(by American Home Plus)

Enhanced Makeover Ideas

For those lacking in mitering skills, have the cabinet dimensions on hand as local hardware stores oftentimes will do the cutting for you.

A wider and taller trim could be applied above the cabinet on the wall, creating a crown-molding header. When selecting wall trim be aware the 1980s standard “construction grade” medicine cabinet mounts. These required the cabinet to slightly extend beyond the wall to allow for gripping to open. To eliminate this requirement, select a wall trim of equivalent thickness and perhaps add a fancy lightweight handle to the mirror frame.
Plastic Trim MoldingIn the near future, my medicine cabinet will be transformed, without doubt. My makeover plans include all of the above as well as using plastic paintable moldings rather than wood. For one, white is the color and plastic trim molding is easy to clean, light weight, and a great price!