O come on now really?I was checking out some vitamin web sites. You know, looking for the best deal, the best vitamins, something believable. If you read anything I have ever posted about searching on Google, then you probably think this is gonna be another rant, no so this time. This one made me laugh, the results were too stupid to even rant!

Ok here is the intro…. “only the highest quality vitamins at the lowest prices available. Just ask our tens of thousands of satisfied customers! Because we only sell the highest quality of vitamins…”

What exactly were these “highest quality” vitamins – DIET PILLS – WTF?! Yep, I follow the link to the category page labeled vitamins and this is what I got – (And these were my thoughts)

  1. Adapexin-P –  Most Popular Diet Pill – Without a prescription too (Holy Cow Batman)
  2. Phenphedrine – Strongest Diet Pill – Strongest Fat burner on the planet (Ok then iI’ll have a Big Mac and Large Fries please)
  3. Lipovox Hardcore Detox – contains the 10 “SuperFoods”…made famous during the Oprah Whinfrey Show ( Oh it absolutely must be true then… The OPRAH reviewed it)

Need I go on??? Did I tell you Stupid? I think pretty soon a search for vitamins might just return results for dog poop, I’m just sayin’!