Preventing Falls with Medical Alert SystemsThis is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Medical Guardian. All opinions are 100% mine.

The National Safety Council states, “Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among older adults 73 and older and the second leading cause of death from ages 60-72.” Clear cut statement, I’m just sayin”.

Medical Alert systems provide 24/7 Round The Clock UL approved live emergency response monitoring. I am certain you have heard all the tag lines and jokes surrounding them. Trust me this is no joking matter.

My mother in law fell in July 2008.  Being elderly, heavy, and ailing, she lay on the floor with her dog at her side in excess of 12 hours. Her son arrived to find his mother in shock, shaking violently on the living room carpet. Understand, she did not live alone even though she thought she was able. Mom was to be alone for just that evening.  Needing a drink of water late at night, she walked through the dimly lit living room and tripped over her own shoes.

Later we found, in addition to shock and a blood sugar higher than the hospital meter could read, she had broken her hip. Mom was hospitalized for three months. The surgeon warned 73% of the people who fall and break a hip do not live a full year. I found this nearly unbelievable. Unfortunately, it turned out to be true. My mother in law passed away one year later almost to the day.

Do not think this could never happen to your family. It can. Do you remember the old saying hindsight is 20-20? In hindsight, which does not make the outcome any easier, I remember briefly discussing a medical alert system with my mother in law. She protested, using the defense her daughter lived with her and worked nights while she was sleeping. Her position was that our suggestion was ridiculous. She laughed, we dismissed the idea.  Given the same opportunity, you should not dismiss it. Hindsight does not relieve guilt or sadness! Medical Guardian alert buttons provide protection for loved ones, help to maintain independent living, and most importantly, save lives.

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