Free pens yeah!!  That is what I think when someone hands me a promotional pen. Logos are everywhere. Check out your desk drawer or desktop. How many pens, pencils, or mouse pads are imprinted with a business name or logo? How about in your kitchen, I will bet there are sport bottles, can openers, or coffee mugs advertising businesses. Not only are logo-imprinted products everywhere, often times they are within easy reach as well. Imprinted products are used to promote a product, service, or company program however, do they really work.

In 2004, a study of more than 800 business travelers, both men and women, was conducted at the Dallas International Airport area by P.P.A.I. The results indicated that at least 71% received a promotional product within the previous 12 months. Of that 71%, more than 33% had the promotional product with them, 76% could recall the advertisers’ name, and 52% conducted business with the company advertised! Over half  who did not do business with the advertising company said they would do business with the company that gave them the product. Impressions last and as you can see one of the primary advantages of using promotional products is the frequency of exposure.

My husband has been pondering the idea of using promotional products for our business. He took a local survey concerning the type of promotion product to use. Surveying numerous family, friends, and business associates whether they preferred a pen, magnet, or key chain revealed pens were the most popular. So my personal response  is a common one, not limited to women. People like free pens!  Consequently, I did a bit of internet browsing at and I was impressed.

In operation for more than fifty years, USimprints believes, “… people make the difference and use this belief to assure branding your custom logo on any of our promotional products will make your business stand out in the eyes of the people who have made and will make it succeed on a level your company has never before reached.”

In my opinion, contact information is most important when shopping online. Generally, I will not do business with a company that does not offer “real people” to contact. This company gives the customer several means of contact. Live chat is available to answer general questions and an 800 number for specifics. I did call the 800 number, no waiting and a very friendly, helpful woman answered all of my questions directly.

They put forward over 300,000 promotional products, including sport bottles, pens, pencils, mugs, and even umbrellas. The company offers a lowest price ‘exact match’ guarantee too. The terms of this guarantee are clearly outlined, conveying a sense of honesty. On the subject of pricing, as with most other promotional companies, the larger the quantity ordered, the lower the price per promotional product. As of this writing, there are 124 rush order promotional products available at no extra charge.

As a result, I will be getting a quote for promotional products from for our small business.

I would like to leave you with just one question, do you think promotional products afford the same exposure for blogs?