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Leggings and tights appeared throughout fashion history, and are once again a fun, economical fashion style this year.  Pierre Cardin’s 1967 Space Age Collection featured white knitted skin tight cat-suits, tubular dresses, and open sided smocks, aka tabards, worn over leggings. Fifteen or so years later, leggings hit the fashion scene again. Shorts, mini skirts, and even a lace tutu over leggings were all hot ensembles. Being in my 20’s this was once again an easy, economical go to wardrobe transformer. I really loved the style and was excited to receive two No nonsense products – denim leggings and mustard colored tights – to review.

Once again leggings and tights have become a hot fashion accessory but being a midlife woman raised some questions. Perhaps I’m just a bit too old to be sporting leggings or colored tights I worried. Of course having a fashion photographer/talent booking agent for a son, I knew where to ask for advice. “Oh Ma, think of the 60s or 80’s while being comfortable with your lengths and colors,” Red advised in a professional, fun tone. “Don’t worry, you’ll look fabulous.”  

Serving dinner for the family on Christmas Eve I wanted (and needed) to be comfortable and fashionable. I chose to wear the No nonsense leggings. Not only are they soft, comfortably flexible, and breathe well, they look fabulous with a long sweater and shiny heels. Being so busy with preparing dinner I failed to ask Red for a photo of the outfit.


Green Sweater


denim leggings

The mustard colored tights went well with my long brown Danskin skirt with a high flying slit, a colorful teal, beige, and mustard paisley blouse and sequined tan flats. Hubby was impressed which of course made me feel magnificent. Red added, “Ma you are still a hippie and wear it well. That looks great.”

Red suggested a more casual, high fashion ensemble for those fabulously colored tights; brown shorts, mustard tights, and a long, belted tee shirt while the Florida weather is still mild.


mustard tights

Need fashion advice? No nonsense named Jill Martin their brand ambassador giving their customers a go-to fashion professional too. The co-author of the New York Times bestselling style guide “I Have Nothing to Wear!” Ms Martin was the perfect choice. Jill is featured in a series of online vignettes that show women how to wear the latest trends that include colored tights and essential leggings. Marketing Director Andrea Angelo spoke of Jill Martin, “She is stylish, modern and knows how to make the most out of every outfit in her closet without spending a fortune.”

Sold in food & drug as well as big box and other retail stores, No nonsense makes it super easy and affordable to add a splash of color and/or a bold fashion statement at any age! For more fashion tips and No nonsense information like No nonsense on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too.


Are you a fashion trends enthusiast? Do you/would you add colorful No nonsense tights and leggings to your wardrobe?

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