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Carmella Marie is a beautiful name isn’t it. That is my mothers’ name. Can you believe she despised her name? Marie was ok but not the name Carmella. My intention was to name my second child after my mother and of course, she had absolutely forbidden it. God honored me with a son, solving the dilemma for us!

According to Teresa Norman, author of A World of Baby Names, the origin of Carmella is “derived from the Hebrew and meaning “vineyard” or “orchard.” Mount Carmel is a mountain in northwestern Israel inhabited in early Christian times by a group of hermits who later became Carmelite monks in the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.”

Babynology.com supports this origin as well. They note that it Carmel was a beautiful place of which Solomon compared to the beauty of a bride. Several other sites agree the origin is Hebrew and the name means garden or vineyard and golden. The Biblical reference is Mount Carmel in Israel is often thought of a paradise.


I find all of the meanings mirror much of my mother’s personality. She was confident and strong like the trees of an orchard. My mother enjoyed nothing better than spending time with her children. She had an undeniably deep love for us. The heartstrings seemed intertwined down to our very souls much like a vineyard of grapes. Case and point, my mother never raised her voice but reprimanded in a soft, stern tone. We complied and always felt remorseful. It was a natural response to apologize for our mistake, to believe what she was saying. She loved us unconditionally and we knew it. In the same way, Carmella could present the truth to others without repercussion or hurt feelings no matter how painful or wrong the truth may have been. She was loved and respected by everyone.


Leonora - Mom - Aunt Joan 1984


She was a passionate cook and baker. My mother was not happy until you ate a second helping. I remember her whispering to me when she first met my husband, “He’s shy, and I can tell he is still hungry. Go over there give him another serving of spaghetti and meatballs.” Of my father she always said, “George you eat like a bird!” It irritated her terribly that he ate small meals. I could go on forever with stories. My mother was a rare person. She loved life as God expected us to and it radiated from her.



April 1994


While I did not have the opportunity to name my second child Carmella, my son did something greater. In honor of his Mom-mom, as the grandchildren knew her, he tattooed her name on his chest!

Happy Mothers Day Mom, you are forever appreciated, loved, and dearly missed.