Education for women A positive consequence of the dreadful economy is education. OK you are probably thinking I am some kind of wacko, which I am. However, numerous people I know have returned to school. They all say now is the time. Evidently, low income equals higher education whether it be via loans, grants, and/or scholarships.

Colleges have always assisted with financing however, the economic struggles facilitated new challenges. Nowadays, tuition planners dedicate an enormous amount of time on financing assistance, including grants and scholarships.  Prospective students must become enrolled students, as tuition is income for the colleges.

My friend lost her job in 2007 and drew unemployment while looking for work. Finally securing employment sometime in 2008, she was excited and relieved. After a few months, the position was eliminated and once again, she was relying to the unemployment while pounding the pavements but turned up nothing. With her saving almost exhausted, my friend looked into an online degree.  Imagine this; at age 62, she is working on an online college degree to broaden her employ-ability! The school aided in securing the necessary financing, including a Pell Grant.  Just imagine your mother or grandmother studying for a degree online.
How awesome would that be?

Second example is my youngest son. Last August he completed his associate of science degree in digital photography. Photography is a tough business in a good economy and Red found himself working for peanuts in a mall studio. After one year of brainless studio work, he decided to broaden his education. He said, “Now is the time; there are no relevant job opportunities in this economy.” Today Red is in London studying visual communications. Upon completion, he will have achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree. Again, the college assisted with financing and he obtained a grant as well a scholarship.

I am very proud of my friend and my son! Moreover, these are just two of many similar education stories I have heard.  Seems to me this bad economy prompted higher education as a means of survival. What do you think is now the time for higher education? Have your friends and family engaged in education programs or college to secure new employment?