Want to be a $100,000 blogger? That is a silly question. While everyone who blogs may not expect to make a hundred thousand, who would say no to that question, I’m just sayin’.

Given the opportunity to download and review the FREE eBook “Six Figure Affiliate Blogging” sparked a quantity of real interest for me.  The author Zac Johnson had 15 years invested in working internet marketing. Mr. Johnson claims after just three years of blogging, his site became another six figure a year project.

Taken directly from the intro, “This “How to be the Next Six Figure Affiliate Blogger” guide isn’t about creating a blog on affiliate marketing, or getting lost in the “make money online” get rich schemes. Instead, it’s about finding a blogging niche and using affiliate marketing to generate revenue from that blog.”

Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

That paragraph really got me thinking this eBook was legitimate.  Don’t you want to make money blogging, I do. And, I just hate those MLM and get rich quick scams. As a result, I started reading.

The book includes an introduction to affiliate marketing, explaining the what, who, how to, and where aspects. The next few sections discuss blog planning, domain names, blogging platforms, and themes are discussed. In the final three chapters, profitability, monetization, and moving to the next level are explained in detail. Two bonus chapters, interviews and resources, help to identify with the idea that one can make a living through blogging and affiliate marketing.

Some of what I read was a repeat of common blogging tips. I found the section on choosing your niche to be very clearly written. In fact, it is the clearest explanation on niche selection that I have ever read. Zac asserts to the eBook having something for every blogger and I have to agree. The business model that combines affiliate marketing with blogging is a brilliant one. The techniques are easy to understand and manageable. While I don’t expect six figures, I gained a whole host of valuable information and insight. I plan on reading it again. Do yourself a favor, download the eBook, and read it. I’ll bet you find something useful!