Can you believe Christmas inventory is already being stocked? While trying to walk through the local Walgreens, the many boxes of Christmas decorations diverted my path. It was then I realized, Holy Cow Christmas is almost upon us. Where did this year go? Not that I want to relive it or anything, I mean 2010 was yet another tough year for plenty of families.

Regardless of finances, it appears technology has captured my attention; yes, I want an iPad and yes, I have been browsing electronics deals online. Did you know that has reorganized their electronics departments, listing by manufacturers? Talk about easy navigation and weeding out the “no names”; it was a pleasure to browse without them. Of course, I checked out the iPads and accessories first. Subsequently browsing electronics by means of brands ensued with the no name brands excluded, woo hoo!

Samsung is a well-liked brand, justifying a specialty brand store on They offer massive deals on home theatres, DVD and Blue Ray players, mp3 players, printers and LCD and plasma TVs. Their most impressive new electronic is the 3D TV. The headline read, “Experience the wonder of 3D at home.” Samsung boasts, “Catch 2D in 3D,” meaning the 3D processor can convert 2D movies and photos to 3D in real time, supposedly with just the push of a button. This I would have to witness before offering an opinion. Besides, most of the newest TVs listed were “3D ready.” Before I drop that kind of cash a test run is required, I’m just saying.

Regardless of the manufacturer or electronic brand, has a nice navigation thing going on with the specialty brand stores and offered some awesome deals too!