Hubby really wants me to own an iPhone. The display is excessively small for my old eyes so I politely decline every time he says it. OMG reading this fabulously honest and extensive review on the iPad over at brought a completely new meaning to owning one. After using my LG Lotus smart phone to send and receive emails, check a few web sites, and map directions with Google, the iPad is definitely the way to go. The iPad display size really impressed me! Features such as the resolution and sharp picture, the Apple book reader as well as Amazon’s Kindle app availability were very impressive. The review claimed the email application to be easier to read than on a smart phone, and the web browsing experience is a little faster than using the iPhone with an exceedingly more comfortable display.

Besides being easy to read, the iPad has a long ten-hour battery life as compared to my three-hour smart phone battery. With the tons of applications, games, and web capabilities it is no wonder the iPad created such a buying frenzy!

Of course, we women like to work in style and there are literally tons of iPad accessories available. For protection, hard and soft iPad cases are on sale all over the place and so were the prices; search results revealed price ranges from $6 to an outrageous $100.

The Kickstand ipad case was particularly impressive. Reasonably priced around $30, this iPad case provides for screen propping, which makes viewing very easy as well as micro suede lined interior, high quality rip-stop nylon exterior, and accessibility to all buttons, ports.

Ummm hubby, dear, darling sweetie… can you guess what will be on my Christmas gift list this year.