Having poor vision sucks. You see both of my sons wear corrective lenses and my youngest wore glasses since he was 15 months old. Becoming of age, they jumped at the chance to wear contact lenses. I fully understood their excitement, or so I thought. At the time, my vision was perfect. In reality, the closest vision association I could make was a pair of womens sunglasses. Living in Florida, the UV rays deem sunglasses a necessity, especially on those beach and boating days! While I did become accustomed to wearing sunglasses, they were never really was comfortable.

Midlife has brought on the “vision blues” if you will. Needing correction with both near and far vision, I chose traditional glasses over contact lenses. The idea of purchasing both contacts and glasses seemed overindulgent and a tad vain to be honest. The eye doctor offered contact lenses with individual prescriptions, one for near sighted and the other far. OMG there was no way my eyes would work independently!

Today I went to renew my drivers’ license and the woman said, “Try to read line five without your glasses. If you can read it, an eyeglass restriction will not be added to your license.” Pushing my forehead against the machine, line five appeared as a complete blur. No amount of squinting or switching of the eyes could make that line readable! My sons anguish back then is a reality for me now. I did however have the photo taken without my glasses!

Many contact wearers would agree 1-800 Contacts is a well know and reputable vision retailer. My sons and my niece have and do shop there. Those of us who choose traditional glasses usually expect to pay quite a bit more for good vision, which brings me to the reason for this post. Did you know 1 800 contacts now sells eyeglasses? They have a new sister sight, www.glasses.com, woo hoo!

Let’s evaluate shopping at Glasses.com…

Buy ‘em online = convenient. Virtual “Try On Application” = perfect style. Include a thirty-day “No Questions Asked” return policy, one-year manufacturer frame warranty, AND a replacement deal on damaged glasses; sign me up!!!

I browsed the site and found plenty of fashionable, quality frames that are reasonably priced. Brands such as By Brand, 7 For All Mankind, Jones New York, Kay Unger, MODO, Oakley, and Phoebe Couture are available for the entire family.

Baby Phat Women's Sunglasses

Thinking Florida sun, these Baby Phat womens sunglasses grabbed my attention. Described as being infused with trend, fun, and excitement, I would definitely sport these!


In addition to fair prices and fashionable frames by reputable manufacturers the broken glasses replacement program offered by glasses.com is priceless! Sunglasses or traditional, being a mother who had two young boys wearing glasses I can attest to the importance of buying quality frames. The savings achieved with cut-rate frames is not worth the troubles broken glasses cause much less the cost of replacing them. This program offers 50% replacement cost for the first year of the same or comparable frames. Finally, Live Chat is available to answer questions and assist in the purchase of glasses.

I’m a firm believer in giving gifts that fulfill needs before wants. Hubby is in need and long over due for new glasses. I’m shopping the men’s line of glasses tomorrow. After all, free shipping in addition to the wide selection of styles, warranty, and awesome replacement plan are a great incentive for looking good and seeing well. This holiday season will include the gift of sight for my family!