CHIBA, JAPAN - SEPTEMBER 24:  PlayStation Port...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Oh my am I ever old. I had no idea what PSP represented. I know the iPhone  and I own an LG smart  phone. Would love to own an iPad or maybe even a kindle. But a PSP, blank.

One of my great nephews was rambling on about the newest psp game and I really had no clue what he was trying to tell me. Eyes fixed on his while shaking my head yes, I leaned toward my niece and whispered, what is he saying?

A gaming machine, made by Sony. A PlayStation Portable.

Oh you mean something a game boy right?

Well not exactly but that is the idea anyway.

How embarrassing, especially since we have a PS2 gaming system in the next room!  It is quite remarkable how we parents are very quickly removed from the latest children gadgets and popular toy scene as rapidly as they grow up. I am by no means technologically challenged but certainly out of the child bearing fun loop I suppose. Has this happened to you?