twin babies

courtesy getty images

The first shopping excursion for your new baby is an overwhelmingly exciting occurrence as I recall. Thinking back on the subject, most shopping discussions among friends referred to clothes for newborn girls. Oh sure, the conversation was set in motion with a great sale or the best brands of infant clothing however, the excitement most often revolved around sweet frilly dresses, ruffled bottom leotards, and pink shoes.

Baby Boy ClothesYou see, I was blessed with two beautiful boys and never understood why little baseball jerseys or cute little “man jeans” were never discussed among my mom friends. When my first son was born vests were in style; oh gosh how cute those little dress pants and matching vests were. I am smiling just thinking about it. Moreover, play clothes like tiny sports jerseys or those adorable blue and white tennis shoes were just fabulous! Just look at that photo, can you imagine buying that outfit for or even better oodles of baby clothes just like that, how exciting!

Maybe I felt that way because I never had the pleasure of baby girls, what do you think?