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Grand Puppy Connor

Yes Spring is almost here and so are the ticks, Ick is for Tick! Today is Blog Hop Tuesday, the topic PETS!!! You see I don’t have any grandchildren yet but my youngest son, he’s 22, has a dog, that would be my grand puppy! I just had to share this interesting and informative article. Knowing how I feel about my “grand puppy” Connor, I thought this information about ticks would be most helpful to others who share that same love for their pet. Isn’t he just adorable? I know all grandparents say that… he he he

But seriously, with warm weather and sunshine comes the threat of fleas and ticks to your pets and your home. A flea infestation can happen quickly and easily, and once your pet is infested, it is likely your home is as well. If that happens, it become a huge chore to rid your house and pet of those nasty fleas.
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Take a few simple preventative measures to ensure your pet a happier and healthier spring and summer.

  • Vacuum your home often, paying close attention to where your pets like to sleep.
  • Be sure to wash their bedding on a regular basis.
  • Ticks are most commonly found in grassy or wooded areas, cut back any tall grass around your house.
  • Check your pet closely for ticks after activity in heavily vegetated areas.
  • Groom your dog frequently to check for fleas and ticks.

Use topical adulticide and insect growth regulators (IGRs) products. Adulticides are compounds that kill and repel adult fleas, ticks and other insects. IGRs mimic a naturally occurring insect hormone that interferes with normal flea development, preventing immature pests from becoming adults. By killing flea larvae, you break the life cycle, helping to prevent infestations.

“This last step is the most effective in ongoing protection against fleas and ticks, and now it’s even easier for pet parents to protect their pets because of an increased availability of products,” said Dr. Robyn Jaynes, veterinarian and pet care expert for PetSmart. Popular products like Advantage Topical Solution and K9 Advantix used to be available only through a veterinarian, but are now sold at any PetSmart store or online at

Ask your veterinarian if you’re unsure whether a flea or tick product is safe or if you need further instruction on the correct way to use it. Never use a dog product on a cat or vice

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