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Baby Why does brand name baby formula cost so much? Is it that much more superior to store brands? Aimee Keenan-Greene, a Providence Children’s Health Examiner and Southern New England based degreed journalist, critiques produced news pieces. In a recent article, Ms. Greene discusses store brand formulas as compared to name brands. Her opinion and findings were quite impressive.

The newest consumer report on Best Baby Products revealed their professional opinion in which parents did not need to purchase the expensive brand names. Store brand formulas must meet the same nutrient specifications as regulated by the FDA. These specifications are set exclusively to fulfill the needs of infants. While infant-formula manufacturers have different formulations, both brand name and store-brand formula must meet and not exceed the FDA regulation standards.

Ms. Greene also noted, “The group ‘Store Brand Formula’ advertising comes not only during difficult economic times, but also when consumer confidence in brands may be vulnerable.” Advertising plays a huge role in the cost of all products, including infant formulas. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, parents can save about 16 percent by patronizing bulk and mass merchandisers, such as Wal-Mart, Costco, and Sam’s Club as compared to supermarkets. Formula sold in drugstores cost on average 19 percent more than in supermarkets.

As with any product, issues may arise warranting a recall. This can be an alarming incident for parents of newborn babies. Recently, Abbot voluntarily recalled some Similac powders even though the FDA determined no immediate health risk. Infants were reported as having “tummy aches” aka gastrointestinal discomfort, which caused them not to eat. Amazing how smart infants really are is not it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes breast-feeding as the best in infant nutrition. For physical reasons I chose not to breast feed. The store brands were not only economical but also provided the proper nutritional values. My sons routine health check ups never revealed a lacking in nutrition, weight problems, or other “formula related” troubles. Given that, I do support feeding children store brand formula .

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