Staples invited bloggers like me to participate in shredding the holiday stress this season. Answering the question, “What stress you would “shred” this holiday season?” enters me for a chance to win a $500 Staples Gift Card. Being a faithful Staples customer made this holiday blogging opportunity even more lucrative and fun!

Oh my gosh the holiday crowds have arrived. Living in tropical SW Florida offers migrating crowds and increased holiday stress let me tell you. Our winter residents, aka the snowbirds, arrive just in time for holiday shopping along with the winter vacationers. While our local economy appreciates their arrival, local drivers do not. Fighting the holiday shopping crowds inside the stores is bad but getting there is even worse! These people have to be some of the worst people to be on the road with. They obey traffic rules that apply to their home states rather than Florida’s laws and make sudden and erratic turns.

The worst and scariest driving move is the left turn signal on however the driver turns the vehicle right. Oh boy, an  incident like ruins my whole day.  If I could shred anything this holiday season, it would be to shred the visitor traffic. Everyone take the bus or ride with a local, annual resident.

Purple Minimate Shredder

Speaking of shredding, Staples new Minimate shredder is both adorable and durable. The Minimate Shredder is a portable, 6-fullsize sheet lightweight desktop shredder. Don’t let mini or portable mislead you, this desktop cutie claims to be tough enough to handle credit cards, staples and paperclips. It is available in Staples retail stores and Moreover, upon checking out the Minimate shredder today at they are offering a $10.00 online discount plus a 10.00 mail in rebate form. You can grab one for $29.00, awesome!  So what are you waiting for? Get the Minimate Shredder deal while supplies last!