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Weight Loss Super Foods

Eat more of these foods and weigh less, sounds somewhat crazy. According to Self magazine, the right foods aid in dropping pounds by accelerating calorie burning and curbing cravings. The top twenty weight loss super foods...

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Refreshing Tea Recipe Ideas

While I’m a huge coffee admirer, tea enthusiasts enjoy it as a simple, soothing cup of comfort. Tea lovers are discovering entirely new ways to enjoy their favorite brew with the many flavors and variety now available....

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Cool Down & Power Up Smoothies

Satisfying smoothies can do more than just cool you down on a hot summer day. They can power you up, too. Whether for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or as a lunchtime refresher, smoothies are a refreshing way to get powerful...

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Tea and Pears Make a Merry Combination

Spicy Ginger-Poached Pears Pear Lavender-Mint Spritz Some things just go together, especially for the holidays – hot cocoa and marshmallows … turkey and stuffing … and a fresh new holiday duo, tea and pears....

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Plum Delicious!

Healthy cooking that tastes great There’s fruit, and then there’s superfruit. What’s the difference? A superfruit has unique phytochemicals not found in other fruits – and that translates to unique health...

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Nutrition Detectives 5 Clues

Nutrition Detectives 5 Clues Verbiage:  “I really admire a program called Nutrition Detectives that was developed  by Dr. David Katz of Yale.  He and his wife use this program to encourage children to be Nutrition Detectives...

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The Mid-Life Woman …

"You are truly the generation in the middle! You have at once aging parents as well as maturing children to cope with, and you are not granted the deference accorded age, or the indulgence given the young."

Helene S. Arnstein

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