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Eat more of these foods and weigh less, sounds somewhat crazy. According to Self magazine, the right foods aid in dropping pounds by accelerating calorie burning and curbing cravings.

The top twenty weight loss super foods listed include steak, eggs, kale, oats, lentils, Goji berries, wild salmon, apples, buckwheat pasta, blueberries, almond butter, pomegranates, chilies, yogurt, quinoa, sardines, tarragon, Parmesan, avocado, and olive oil. Plenty of high fiber and high protein foods included however, the list is rather surprising to me.  A first glance the list appeared to be foods that supported weight gain not loss.

Avocado is one that stood out the most. I always thought they were high in calories and fat. Turns out the fat in an avocado is mono saturated or a “heart healthy” fat and the filling factor from an avocado creates a productive weight loss aide.

As for the chilies, oh boy I so adore chilies. In fact, spicy foods in general are my favorite. The article claims that chilies boost the metabolism and burn extra calories for twenty minutes after being eaten.

Eating lentils helps to stop insulin spikes. When insulin spikes the body creates excess fat cells whose target area is the abdomen. Additionally, lentils are a superb source of fiber and extremely satisfying.

Dieting is a very tough venture to partake. My hubby lost over fifty pounds in the last ten months.  This article is a rather impressive list of weight loss super foods with significant supporting facts in my opinion. Go to self.com in the food and diet section, keyword super food to read this and numerous other super food articles.

I am a firm believer that healthy foods and exercise are the way to loose weight. Many others believe supplements like Lipofuze work. What do you believe is the proper weight loss plan?