Many of us want to continually update our wardrobe but it can’t always happen for financial reasons. As life seems to suck a big chunk of our income away, there isn’t always room to buy the things we’d like to have so some creativity is sometimes in order. Here are some creative tips for updating your wardrobe without spending a whole lot of money.

creative wardrobe fashion tips

Have a Few Mix and Match Basics

A few basics that can be mixed and matched can go a long way. A great pair of jeans, a pair of nice dress pants, a skirt, and a few new tops that can all be mixed and matched could make for a big difference for you in terms of feeling like you’ve got plenty to wear without your having to spend a fortune.  Don’t forget that little black dress! It can be a staple in your wardrobe and go from the office to an evening out.


Accessories can help you in a big way. A few colourful scarves, some great new and trendy tights, and some jewellery and a few handbags to mix and match can help you switch things up regularly. Tights, especially, can help you stretch your wardrobe because they’re not expensive and you can use a pair of tights to dramatically change an outfit. A pair of jean shorts can be fine for hanging out or for the dog park. Add a pair of funky tights and you’re suddenly ready for a night of clubbing. A black skirt with a solid coloured blouse and some sheer tights and you’re ready for the office. Change the tights to something a bit bolder and add a colourful scarf and a hat and you’re sporting a whole new trend.

Revitalise Something from the Back of the Closet

A lot of us get into a habit of wearing the same things week after week until we buy a few new pieces and then those old pieces get shifted to the back of the closest. Why not go through your closet this weekend and see what’s in the back that you haven’t had out in a while. Maybe you’ll find a few things you will want to wear again. Or, maybe they’ll go up on eBay or to a consignment shop and earn you a few quid for buying something new.

Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is definitely in style and is always trendy. And you can often pick it up for pretty cheap. Some shops will do swaps, too, so you can get rid of some old stuff you don’t wear any longer and buy a few new pieces. What’s old to you is new to someone else…

Watch for Sales

Save up for end of season shopping to maximise next year’s wardrobe. What could buy you a pair of shoes at the beginning of a season can buy you two pairs at the end.

Learn to Sew

If you can learn to sew you can alter pieces to breathe new life into them and you can save money by making some of your own clothing, too. Why not give it a whirl?


Freelance writer Sharon Hurley Hall writes for Pamela Mann, whose tights are available to help you dabble with fun fashion and stretch your wardrobe.