While cooking on Saturday, I caught the end of a television show pertaining to family changes that came about with this terrible economy. In fact, several of the women interviewed are from my home state. With the lack of resources came more family time. Playing games was the single activity that families spent a greater amount of time participating in.
I fondly recalled those days when hubby and I played video games with the boys. Puzzle games were my favorite however having two boys we engage largely the action games. Each of us had favorite characters and learned the special moves. We spent time reading the cheats online too. All of this took time and concentration, which is the perfect distraction from the troubles of the day. In certainty, gaming was fun for the whole family.

Not surprisingly, the price on these gaming machines is quite reasonable these days. Even better if you bought a system with a hard drive when times were good, many of the older games can still be played.

TI did a quick check on x-box after hearing the teenagers say that x-box was affordable and has great support.

Some good points I found about x-box gaming:
• Many of Hasbro’s favorite family board games are available for xbox gaming machines.
• A premium x-box 360 system with a hard drive can run over 200 of those old games.
• X-Box 360 plays DVD movies too!
• Join X-Box Live free and receive Game Demos, HD Movies & TV Shows, some downloadable Arcade Games, Game Add-ons, Avatars & Avatar Fashion, with the ability to use Voice & Text Chat, and Photo Sharing.

Turn this idle, worrisome time into quality family time with an xbox 360!