Sleep is a critical factor that influences waking time in a multitude of ways, but unfortunately families often do not take the time to understand their own sleep behaviours. All members of the family benefit if everyone sleeps properly every night. Parents get a much needed rest that boosts their energy to tackle the next day’s challenges. If there are children in the family, sleep is essential for their mental and physical wellbeing and emotional development.

Common Family Sleep Problems

While it seems like the quietest activity of them all, sleeping can be a major source of stress in the family. Sleep problems you might recognise include: kids waking up at night, feeling too hot in bed, excessive snoring, and teens refusing to go to bed. These various challenges all have an impact on the whole family’s health because they don’t allow for the best sleep possible.

family sleep

Lack of quality sleep will contribute to a significant drop in energy and morale, leading to stress which often causes arguments and tension between couples, siblings, and parents. What’s more, improper sleep results in children and parents feeling tired during the day and their performance and school and work suffering as a consequence.

Three Benefits of Healthier Sleep

Most of the problems mentioned above happen because different family members require different approaches to sleeping better but the rest of the family don’t realise it. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to not acknowledge this. A possible solution you can introduce in the family is your own healthy sleep system – a group of activities that everyone does to prepare for sleep.  The idea is to have a system which everyone in the family follows and understands what the the members of the family need from the rest in order to achieve three goals:

  1. Fall asleep faster (no tossing and turning in bed)
  2. Stay asleep all night
  3. Wake up feeling refreshed

This make it easier to make the whole process surrounding night time the best possible time that helps everyone relaxes!

Do you have a system for a healthy family sleep? Let us know in the comments below how you make sure everyone gets the best night possible!

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