Bathroom lighting can be critical, especially where the elderly are concerned. Dimly lit bathrooms are not only a safety hazard for the elderly but also a personal care problem. Since my father moved in some time ago, this fact has proven true. It is an uncomfortable, oftentimes embarrassing situation for a senior to ask for assistance. Bathrooms that are not properly lit will most definitely promote this type of situation. Additionally, personal grooming becomes more difficult and frustrating without a well-lit mirror.

Kichler is a longstanding lighting manufacture, in operation since 1938, which offers consumers distinctively beautiful lighting. The company openly boasts not only are the products backed with award-winning artisanship and unparalleled quality but also superior service. Kichler Lighting offers a wide array of lighting solutions and believes lighting should be exceeding functional while transforming spaces into stunning, inspirational settings.

In August 2007, Kichler added energy efficient products to their already vast product line. “The demand for energy efficient products isn’t likely to subside anytime soon,” said Tom Patterson, Kichler product manager. “We recognize that, and we will continue to make energy efficient lighting a priority. In introducing new offerings, we realize efficiency is important, but so is aesthetics. Neither is sacrificed in our collections.” These energy efficient lights included both indoor and outdoor light fixtures. The indoor lighting included the Dover and Hastings lines.

Bathroom Lighting

My favorite Kichler lighting is the Dover line. This three bar light is beautiful, versatile, and energy efficient. The product description reads, “Bathe your bathroom in a wave of light with this unique 3-light Bath bar from Kichler. The fixture’s bar utilizes a fluid design with Brushed Nickel finish, while Etched seedy glass covers 100-watt (max.) bulbs. It measures 22 ½” wide and can be installed with the glass up or down, allowing you to customize the look as you see fit.”

Wow, I had no idea lights were reversible! Hang it upward for a bright, outward illumination or downward for a low, direct billow effect. To this, I would say Kichler is upholding their claim to inspirational lighting as well as providing a cost effective alternative to dual lighting. As for my bathroom situation, an upward install would illuminate the room nicely. Something I am sure dad would appreciate.

Researching costs of Kichler lighting, I found the bathroom lighting fixtures range from $10.00 for a simple bar to well over $100.00 for fancy chandelier lights. The Dover 3-light bars sells for about $60.00, comparable to its competitors. Kichler also offers a one-year warranty with few limitations, in my opinion. Additionally, the Energy Star® Products are warranted for two (2) years, making my favorite light an even better deal.

A final word to those who intend upon caring for the elderly be sure to survey your home lighting, especially bathrooms and hallways.