Do you prefer brand name ink jet cartridges or inexpensive cartridge refill kits? I have used both. Many people believe ink refills are as good as new cartridges. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about refilling the HP inkjet cartridges, especially after seeing the print heads. They look so thin and delicate, I was afraid in the process of refilling it might be damaged. The decline in the housing market has imposed huge budget constraints on our business and forced me to overcome this fear.

Did you know that an HP black inkjet printer cartridge costs on average thirty-five bucks? Using an inkjet refill kit provides the equivalent of three cartridges, a savings of about eighty bucks. In our company, that is equivalent to 90% of the cost of our state required continuing education classes, enough printer paper for almost a year, or ten months of fax services. Oh yes, after learning these facts the fear quickly subsided. Moreover, I am pleased to announce, the refill kits work very well. The claims of slow drying times that produce smudged pages appear to be a marketing ploy for brand name inkjet cartridges. Personal experience has not shown slower drying or more smearing using inkjet refill kits. The key to using refill kits is simple; follow the manufacturers’ directions specifically. Another critical fact I learned is to keep the cartridge head and the printer rollers clean and free from dust and dry ink. This is not to say that a new cartridge will never be needed. After using three or four refill bottles, a new cartridge will be necessary.

Now I am wondering if laserjet ink cartridges react the same way as we have a laser jet printer as a back up.

How has the economy changed your view on office supply ordering?