Evidently, I am a bit behind on fashion fitness shoes. Until just recently, I had not heard of MBT shoes. Dr. Phil, WTAE Channel 4 Action News anchor Andrew Stockey (Test It Tuesday product), and even Rachael Ray who tested MBT shoes aired a broadcast in 2008! See I told you I was behind the times.

I think the MBT shoes might still be popular though. This past February San Diego Living did a segment titled Fashion Meets Comfort, with Renee Kohn. This segment reviewed a whole host of shoes that are comfortable and fashionable, including MBTs. The claim to fame for MBT fitness shoes is not only comfort and fashion but toning legs and jiggly buttocks by merely walking while wearing MBT fitness shoes.┬áRead on for┬álive testimony…..

Rachael Ray’s Human Lab – August 2008

San Diego Living February 2010

The good news about being a bit behind the times is these mbt shoes are on sale now, I’m just sayin’. MBT shoes are advertised as Physiological Footwear and claim to be the calorie burning, muscle toning, posture improving footwear brand.

I would really like to know what you think….

Do you think MBT shoes live up to the fitness benefit claims? Comfortable? Fashionable?