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Prior to midlife, my skin care routine consisted of a good facial cleanser, sunscreen, and an occasional facial scrub. I was blessed with blemish free even toned skin from the teen years into my thirties. The lack of immediate need together with fair, sensitive skin contributed to a sparse skin care regiment or so I told myself. Truth be told, my overall unsystematic free spirited lifestyle contribute as much.

Either way, I never expected aging would be so cruel! That smooth, even skin tone gave way to lines, wrinkles, and an annoying red oily T zone. In addition, midlife hormonal changes caused patches of dry, flaking skin. Moreover, all of these changes seemed to happen rapidly, almost overnight. As I recall, a few lines appeared around my eyes and then BOOM, wrinkles, itchy dry patches, and too many blotchy red areas. [sad face] As a result, I jumped when given the opportunity to review Eclos Anti-Aging skin care Kit.


Eclos Skin Care – First Impression

Besides my old looking skin, the fact that Eclos is a plant based product line truly excited me. The chemicals, heavy oils, and alcohols found in many facial products aggravate my skin terribly.

The Eclos base is derived from Plant Stem Cells extracted from a rare Swiss apple, the Uttwiler Spätlauber. Researchers claim it has a tremendous ability to stimulate skin stem cells, encouraging aging skin to perform like younger skin.

The scent is delightfully fresh and natural, reminiscent of incense and natural oils. Each product contains Palmitoyl Glycine, a natural skin nutrient and regenerator derived from wheat protein, and PhytoPlex24, a mix of botanicals. Learn more – Eclos Skin Care Fact Sheet


Week 1 – Cleanse and moisturize

Not being accustomed to a regimented skin care routine, I started by using the cleanser and Eclos Anti-Aging Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream faithfully every day. My skin tone was more even and the annoying patches of dermatitis on the sides of my face had begun to subside. I was impressed and rather giddy over the results. Truth is I was very upset and self-conscious about that midlife hormonal induced dry, flaking skin. WOW, it was resistant.  I tripled my water intake and tried about six different moisturizers which no luck.


Week 2 – Facial Scrub

Week 2 brought about a bit of bravery and even more delight. With my skin feeling smoother and looking younger, I added the Eclos Anti-Aging Instant Radiance Facial Scrub to the routine. I used the scrub 3 times during the week and am happy with the results. My pores are clean and shrinking, woo hoo. In addition, the overall tone of my skin, especially the forehead, is looking very good. You know what that means… The oily T zone has been reduced to the I zone hehehe


Eclos Skin Care Outlook

The cleansing power and return of smooth, taut skin in just two weeks amazes me. The scent is comparable to an aromatherapy treatment.  Waves of spa worthy scent permeate the senses, so fresh and relaxing.

The facial scrub leaves the skin warm and tingly while the restorative facial cream sooths and smoothes. Feeling good about my skin and this newfound skin care regiment has heightened my midlife confidence undeniably. Eclos can be purchased at Walgreens, GNC, Rite Aid, and ULTA Beauty Supply.

Before Eclos         After Eclos

Even with the terrible photography I can see the difference, can you? Would you like to try Eclos products? Leave a comment telling what product you are most exited to use. One winner will receive the same Eclos Skin Care Kit that I used.

The éclos Skin Care kit contains

·       Facial Cleanser Skin Prep

·       Cellular Activator Face Serum

·       Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream

·       Restorative Eye Cream

·       Instant Radiance Facial Scrub

·       Skin Renewal Clay Mask

·       Eclos Terry Cloth Head Band

·       Coupon $3.00 off full size product



Winner will be chosen via on June 15. Open to US residents only. Good Luck!

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