Greetings and salutations midlife bloggers, it has been too long since I last shared a 2011 Top Women Bloggers post. I claimed in the first post of the  series, “Not only did I really rethink my blog plans, but it also boosted my confidence, increased my courage, and inspired me to write more about my passions, inspirations, and experiences” however,  the outcome was two top women blog posts. The old adage it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks applies. Truth be told, focus is quite difficult for this spontaneous and A.D.D. inflicted midlife woman. Managing to stay on task for an entire month with the Follow Friday-Over 40 Top Five presented new connections, a fresh awareness, and personal motivation.  To overcome my lack of focus, I’ve decided to share a written plan for the Top Women Bloggers 2011 series. Thanks friends!

The Top Women Bloggers 2011 Series AGAIN

My purpose for the series is two fold, the first being to honor the brilliant women who have provided reliable and solid information to thousands of new bloggers, including me. Secondly, to assist my readers in locating factual information on blogging while eliminating the dilemmas caused by “redundant” and “unconfirmed” advice. Been there done that!

This monthly series will focus on topics related to everything blogging, including social media networking, blog promotion, blogging tools from Top Women Bloggers.



Google+1 Project via Top Women Blogger’s

Being a huge fan of social media networking, targeting the Google +One project was an easy choice. After all the Google + One social media project IS huge social media news. From what I understood, the project was by invite only. Once inside, bloggers then found they could invite friends to join. Reported as a glitch, some invited friends while unknowing others were totally bored. Random Chrome users where later being invited on a limited basis. You can check the Official Google +1 Project page to learn when future invites become available.


The Google + Project includes +Circles, +Sparks, +Hangouts, +Mobile, and +Huddle. Gini Dietrich wrote an in depth review prior to her receipt of a beta invite. Her perspective seemed to imply the project would be just another social media site. She did however give Google credit for the network development capabilities, “I think the biggest thing they’re saying here is: How you develop your networks is up to you.” I’ll be interested to learn Gini’s opinion after using the social site.


These are my Top Women Bloggers selections on the Google + Project.

  • Just Ask Kim – The Google+ Project Launches! “Yet, surprising to many of us, is that as more and more people get their hands on beta invites… there’s a resounding “THIS COULD ACTUALLY WORK” starting to get whispered by many people.”
  • We blog Better – Jane – Google Plus: The Goods & Bads About Google +1 Chatter – “*Editor’s note: I had an opportunity to try it out over the weekend, and so far, I’m loving it! If you’re already on Google+, be sure to add me to one of your circles!  +Kiesha Easley


These women are not only phenomenal bloggers who offer great give insight and opinions on the Google+1 project but they also keep me ahead of the newest learning curves. Thanks Ladies! And Facebook, I hope you are paying attention :0)

Do you think the Google Plus Project will rock Facebook’s social world?

Hugs n Smiles