I loathe cleaning! Given the opportunity to review the Gruene steam mop and steam cleaner was a double positive for me. The machine is green both in terms of color and environmentally too. A very light weight yet powerful cleaning tool that supplies a powerful steam burst.

Out of the box, it took me just 10 minutes to assemble. After reading the directions, I proceeded to test the mop capabilities on my kitchen floor. We have a soft, leather-like vinyl kitchen floor with crevices similar to worn leather. According to the instructions, No special mop heads or towels and no cleaning products are required; I had my doubts.

First step was to install the mop head, an easy task. I used the one that came with the mop. Next step fill the water reservoir. The included water cup made this task very easy. I used filtered water, which is not required. I think this will help in keeping out any type of hard water buildup. The reservoir held quite a bit more water than what I anticipated, thus removing any doubts about having enough steam to mop the kitchen floor. With the steam cleaner reservoir full, I plugged her in. Thirty seconds or so and I was mopping the floor. Since I never used steam cleaners prior to receiving this Gruene, I expected the floor to be less than damp. That was an incorrect assumption and expectation. The floor was as though it was lightly mopped. The amount of water was much less than mopping with a sponge or string type mop however more moisture than just steam.

As for the cleaning capabilities, I give it a 10, and not because I received it in exchange for a review either. My dog and my dad are both sloppy eaters. **lol** The gooey ice cream drips and dried dog food stains came up easily. Remember no cleaning products are required, only fresh water and steam! No chemicals for my dog to lick or dad to walk on and no cleaners poured down the drain. Double ECO!

I cannot wait to test the elbow tool on the bathroom. OMG did I just say that? I almost forgot how I loathe cleaning! Oh and would you do me a favor please? The Gruene steam cleaner video review is my first product review video ever. Please do share it with your friends.