Online car insurance quotes are the easiest way to buy insurance, or so the advertisements claim. My personal experience has proved this purchasing method to be rather expensive and not especially obliging. Let me share some insight and experience on the quote process.

Third Party Information Gathering

Oftentimes these online insurance websites are merely nothing more than what is known as landing page. A landing page is built for a company as a starting point for a specific product or need. They are constructed with the purpose of gaining leads, not providing the best insurance at the best price. In fact, these are third party companies offering your driving information to several licensed insurance companies. Statements like – we offer a simple interface for requesting quotes, and we will match you with insurance companies in your area who know the specific requirements for your state – are common.

Online Insurance Quotes

Mandatory State Requirements

In researching this auto insurance quote process, I found the information they provided to be flawed. After completing the lengthy driving questionnaire and the automobile information, and responding to the email notification, a representative called. The sales rep I spoke to informed of mandatory state requirements and included coverage as such. The price was not in any way affordable or comparable to my current renewal pricing. After speaking with my current company, I found the said requirements were incorrect and unnecessary. Long and short, the quote was inflated by including coverage that was not mandatory here.

Credit Report Inquiries

While not every company may use ones credit rating to determine premiums, all insurance companies ask for your social security number. I filling out one quote request, numerous inquires will more than likely show up on your credit report. Some say this really does not have an affect on the credit score. I happen to disagree along with this person.

“I Don’t believe the “instant quote” hype associated with these types of services. In return for me divulging my information, I received an automated “thank you” and then telephone calls for the next two weeks from every insurance agent in the local area. Needless to say, I was not pleased. To rub a little salt into the wound, I just found out that I now have eleven inquiries on my credit report. “

This person, like me, had multiple inquiries on the credit report when that was not supposed to be the case. One form was entered. Those that claim, “one inquiry is made” are wrong or lying, just like the mandatory coverage example I spoke of earlier .

“I do know for a fact that I filled out ONE quote request, and now have 11 separate inquires that show up. I can’t speak for the veracity of the rest of the article, but I can unequivocally state that “…only one inquiry results on your credit score. They are able to use that one inquiry to generate multiple insurance quotes from various insurance carriers.” does not hold true as of 3/30/2010.

While it may be easier to obtain auto insurance quotes from a computer, nothing is safer and more economical than a quote from a real agent with local credentials, I’m just saying.