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Managing heart health online
heart2The Internet, a vital source for health information, is now an avenue to interactively manage your heart health.At – the American Heart Association’s free heart health wellness center – you can set up a private, personal account to list cardiovascular wellness goals; track your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose numbers; log physical activities; record your weight; and keep a diary of current and past medication use. is part of Microsoft’s HealthVault site, a treasure trove of health resources in one place.  Heart 360 replaces and expands on an earlier resource from the American Heart Association called the Blood Pressure Management Center.  If you used the Blood Pressure Management Center, log in normally and your data will transfer to Heart360.

“With Heart360, patients and their families can easily track their risk factors and get quick access to the most credible source of online heart and stroke information,” said Timothy Gardner, M.D., president of the American Heart Association.

You can set up separate accounts for family members and print progress reports for visits to your health care provider, too.

When you visit, you’ll also find credible, easy-to-understand information and features, including:
* Goals: Set personal goals for readings, such as blood pressure or weight.
* Guidance: Get the recommended ranges for blood pressure, cholesterol and other types of data. In some cases you’ll receive links and additional information to share with your doctor.
* Multiple user accounts: Manage your family’s health with several user accounts. This is ideal for parents and/or caregivers.
* Connect devices: Heart360 is compatible with some home blood pressure monitors. Look for the “Works with HealthVault” logo. You can upload readings and incorporate them into your Heart360 account. You can also enter information manually.
* Notices: Receive a message when health inputs are in a range that signals you should consult with a doctor.
* Progress reports: Easily prepare reports on your data that can be printed and e-mailed.
* Resources: Receive timely links to useful information tailored to meet your needs.

“In the future, Heart360 will expand so healthcare providers can access patients’ information and communicate with patients about their progress,” Gardner said.

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For more information about Heart360 or the American Heart Association, go to