Good will still exists and Nascar officials are an exemplary representation of benevolence. This woman in Idaho unselfishly attempted to win a contest in order to fulfill her dying husband’s dream of attending a Nascar race. When her boss and colleagues heard what was happening, well they offered support. Her boss sent an email to every Nascar contact he could find not expecting a response. Lo and behold, the Senior Vice president replied with a positive response, “Your decision to help can make a difference on many levels. So, I will help too.”

Watch the video to find out the whole story. Get ready as it is one of those emotional clips.

What a huge difference a few people with compassion combined with a bit of internet ingenuity can make in someone’s life. Kudos to Nascar’s Senior VP!

All the Nascar fans out there should send a big thank you to the senior VP for his generosity and kindness. On the other hand, perhaps supporting Nascar by purchasing some gear like official Nascar jackets, hats, or other Nascar memorabilia is in order.