Clipix is a new social bookmark, image sharing, online organization tool that boasts, “We never post without your permission, we hate that too!” Being rather impressed by that privacy proclamation, I continued with the sign up for my own Clipix account via Twitter. The tool can read your Twitter timeline and see whom you follow, that’s it! Once you sign up for a Clipix account, simply drag the clip button to your preferred browser toolbar. Any website you want to bookmark or share, simply clip it to a clipboard. Sound familiar?

My Favorite Clipix Features


Organizing cool and important online images via a board is not new idea. However, collaborating boards with friends, family, or colleagues via Syncboard is. Clipping is in real-time therefore when a collaboration user adds a clip to a Syncboard, everyone else in the group will see it in real-time.

Moreover, if you are as unorganized as I am, grouping clipboards using Mutliboards takes clipping to completely new level. Boards can be organized by category for better organization. Of course, clipboards can be rearranged and renamed to suit your needs and interests.


In addition to the organizing factors, the site layout is crisp and clean. The design is organized in uniform columns and rows and the color palette is neutral and soft. Definitely much easier on this midlife woman’s eyes let me tell you.

The top toolbar, which is similar to the wordpress admin bar, makes navigation very easy. The community button leads to the homepage, showing recent clips. There is button to access your clipboards and the option to view the whole board or simply the clipboard titles. The compact view is quite beneficial for those with slower connections and computers I’m sure.


Clipix provides sharing options that include private, friends, and public. Privacy options are a very nice idea and may well help keep online life a little more private. The privacy selection is displayed with every clip, eliminating the need for multiple actions.

My Clipix

My Clipix Clipboards


Clipix Final Thoughts

While there are “other” sites similar to Clipix, I do believe they haven taken the initial idea of bookmarking to new level. Broadening the base of clipping to include privacy settings, collaboration, and multilevel organization with ease, in my opinion, will prove to be a huge success. Moreover, these features are accessible with just one click. Ease of use is vital to the success of any community. When using this tool within the social media realm, ease of use is a colossal time saver!

My personal need for organization is what initially sparked my interest in this Clipix post. After visiting Clipix, I thought, “OMG I am always all over the place. Organizing my bookmarks would seriously help me with blogging beyond doubt!”

Collaboration with visualization and real time is bound to be beneficial. I would guess the Syncboard feature could significantly reduction the project completion time as well as eliminate the need for paid collaboration meeting. What is your opinion? Will you use clipix?

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