Operation BeautifulThe RAMBO Alert read,” Operation Beautiful: Join a movement that will help women around the world embrace their bodies and love themselves for who they are! Can one Post-It note change the way women view themselves?”

My Answer, YES it can! Caitlin Boyle started a movement that truly did change the self images of women around the globe. I came across the website Operation Beautiful this past March. Caitlin is an awesome woman with a magnificent message. Overwhelmed with inspiration by the testimonies written there, I was moved to participate. Taking part in a blog hop themed Serving Others, I shared my first Post-It note.

Can you imagine how excited I was to receive a copy of Operation Beautiful to review?

The seven chapters of hope and inspiration by and for women begins with Caitlin Boyle, the teenage girl who suffered from depression, a college girl who lacked self confidence, and a finally a wife whose inability to find happiness within instigates the first Post-It note. Repeating positive mantras, Caitlin knew that being and doing positive things made her feel lighter, happier, at peace.

In the beginning of chapter two, Fat Talk, Sarah talked about being so displeased with her body that she contemplated suicide and wrote a suicide note. She went to class only to find Operation Beautiful notes everywhere. She tore up that suicide note and is now an advocate of children who have similar struggles.

The book goes on to cover family and friends, fitness, food, faith, and moving forward.  In chapter three, Catlin talks about ones body image. That image reflects the feeling of our lives in general, noting that relationships with family and friends are the biggest outside influence. What a true and powerful thought that is.

One of my favorite sections in chapter 6 is titled  A bridge. “True happiness requires just one thing: faith. Faith is a bridge….” WOW, this is so true in every aspect of the word faith, religious or otherwise. A powerful book, like I said earlier.

Throughout the book women tell of their personal shortfalls, self esteem issues, and self image problems as they found or wrote to that one Post-It not. In many of the cases, Operation Beautiful changed their lives. Knowing you are not alone in a struggle is often more than just comforting; overcoming it becomes a quest, an inspiration, and in this case, a movement.

I believe Operation Beautiful is what we are called to do and be; that is caring, compassionate, and loving to others and ourselves. Pick up a copy, I am confident it will inspire, uplift, and motivate you to love both inwardly and outwardly.

Caitlin Boyle appeared on the Today Show August 5th. You can check out the interview here.

A special thank you to twittermoms for the blog opportunity and to the penguin group for furnishing the book, Operation Beautiful.