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Operation Beautiful

Serving others; what a beautiful topic for a blog hop! There have been quite a few movements in the last fifteen or so years that promote serving others both here in the United States and worldwide.

Surely, you have heard about Random Acts of Kindness, or RAK. Back in the mid nineties, this was a very popular movement. RAKs were very contagious, reminiscent of a laughter planted in an audience. All over the globe, people were committing random acts of kindness. In 1995, the RAK foundation emerged.  Today RAK encourages kindness through educators.   Let’s not forget the Pay it Forward movement where author Catherine Ryan Hyde, sparked a movie and a movement.

What is this Post It note all about? On Saturday, I came across another wonderful movement, Operation Beautiful….

Editor and founder Catlin writes, “Operation Beautiful was launched on my blog in June 2009.   I began Operation Beautiful because I am dedicated to ending negative self-talk in girls, woman, and men.  Through Operation Beautiful, I hope we can all encourage a positive body image in ourselves and others.  I truly believe that your beauty comes from the inside, and your unique qualities that make you YOU should be valued and celebrated.” What a spectacular way to serve others! I encourage you to become a part of Operation Beautiful.

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