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Baked Ziti |Pasta for my American Friends

“Baked Ziti for My American Friends” Signature Pasta Dish Born and raised by a full-blooded Italian woman, how could pasta NOT be my favorite food! Receiving an opportunity to share My Signature Pasta Dish in conjunction with...

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Santa Fe Blend Mexican Lasagna

Kraft has been a trusted and favorite brand for as long as I can remember. Being from the burbs of Philly, you knew I’d be a Philadelphia brand cream cheese fan too. When I learned Kraft First Taste was sending a coupon...

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Creamy Gourmet-Style Chicken Recipe

This simple chicken dish, prepared in approximately 40 minutes, delivers a gourmet flavor without a gourmet price tag. Using the less expensive bone-in chicken breasts provides for an economical, healthy meal. Boneless chicken...

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The Mid-Life Woman …

"You are truly the generation in the middle! You have at once aging parents as well as maturing children to cope with, and you are not granted the deference accorded age, or the indulgence given the young."

Helene S. Arnstein

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