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Midlife has brought about a new lifestyle, qualifying me for The Sandwich Generation inclusion. Yes, I am included in the ever-growing generation who simultaneously care for parents and children. This cultural shift in combination with the horrible economy nearly made college unattainable for my youngest son, which brings me to share a bit about Upromise.

Upromise is a reward program that can help parents pay for college. This month Upromise is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in a big way! Hard to believe I have been a member for ten years.

Upromise Dream Sweepstakes

To celebrate the Upromise 10th anniversary they are giving away $20,000 to users who share their story. Parents can participate in the sweepstakes by sharing how they supported a child’s dream! Users can vote on their favorite stories by “liking” them. Upromise is giving 10 winners $1000.00 and a grand prizewinner $10,000.00.

With nothing to loose parents should enter for a chance to win, I did. Upromise would like to spread the word among parents to join the movement, share their experiences to start a buzz that will fuel the flame of their future dreams. Read the dream wall official rules then share your dream at www.upromisetodream.com.

My Upromise Dream

My youngest son was a video and music lover. Perhaps your thinking, aren’t most teens of that mindset? Not to this caliber. He spent incalculable hours filming and editing every topic imaginable. Then, adding music cuts, text, and all sorts of creative frames. He took TV production classes in high school and began to excel in that area. In my heart, I just knew that someday, somehow, he would be working with a camera, as this was his love and my dream for him!

Business was good back then and as a result, hubby and I overindulged one Christmas. We bought him a computer powerful enough to handle video editing. He was in awe of the machine and continued to improve his editing skills.

Today he is in his 3rd year of college, to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major professional photography.

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About Upromise College Rewards

Upromise members have received more than $600 million in college savings through their rewards program. Through credit card accounts, shopping online, retail credit accounts, dining, and select grocery stores, members earn cash back to be used for their child’s college. Members can pay down loans, invest in 529 college savings plans, high yield savings accounts, or receive a check to cover other college expenses.

Given the turn in economics and our midlife changes, I wish I had taken full advantage of the Upromise program. While I did register my participating credit accounts, we failed to set up a 529-college savings plan nor did we ask family members to register their accounts to help.

Upromise is free to join and I encourage you do so, the sooner the better. A four-year degree, including books, living expenses, and lab supplies costs about $100,000.00.

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