The corny one line statements concerning weight loss really crack me up!

  • A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!
  • Calories In = Calories Out!
  • The first three letters in the word diet is DIE so live carefully.
  • Touch your toes, and touch your toes, AND WISH YOU SKIPPED THOSE OREO’S.”
  • Wonโ€™t power is better than will power.
  • Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
  • Exercise, eat healthy, and die anyway.
  • If you don’t watch your figure, no one else will either.
  • Remember who holds the fork.

My number one and so true funny weight loss line is …

funny lady “Never eat at a place called “Mom’s.โ€

Poking fun and being a bit light-hearted about the topic sometimes helps. In all reality, being overweight is a very hazardous thing. Loosing weight is even more difficult for most people. Obesity is now a huge topic of concern in the USA. Eating healthy, portion control, exercising, and sometimes a bit of help from appetite suppressants are the fundamentals of weight loss. Check out this site for information the best weight loss pills.