three garden peas in a podWhen Veggies = I don’t like it mom! What kids do not know will truly help them! I was fortunate to have two boys who loved veggies. Perhaps that was the result of feeding them every veggie imaginable as soon as table food was appropriate.

As the boys became social, our house then became “the neighborhood hang-out”. As such, frequent dinner guests resulted along with lots of experience with veggie haters. As I recall the most common complaint was canned vegetables. On more than one occasion, different children and teens told me fresh steamed vegetables tasted nothing like the canned vegetables their family ate. Outside of beans, fresh or frozen vegetables were the only type I served.

While I’m no child professional these tips and tricks helped to entice kids to each veggies.

Require them to eat new vegetables

Offer one tablespoon-

1)      With explanation, “You have to eat one spoonful. If you like these as much as I do you can have another serving.”

2)      With consequences, “You have to eat one serving or no dessert.”


Mask or Enhance the flavor

1)      Steam fresh veggies and serve in a cheese sauce

2)      Serve salads with fresh fruits and vegetables

3)      Add diced vegetables to yellow or brown rice

4)      Serve vegetables with condiments like sour cream, BBQ sauce, or honey mustard. Let them choose the vegetable and the condiments. My niece always chose the BBQ!


Make Veggies Fun to Eat

1)      Serve celery sticks filled with peanut butter or cream cheese and jelly

2)      Serve raw veggies with dipping sauce at dinner to exemplify a fun snack appeal.


Sneaky Alternatives

1)      Prepare fruit smoothies and add veggies – The easiest to hide are spinach, kale, chard, romaine, and carrots.

2)      Add white vegetables such as turnips, cauliflower and parsnips to mashed potatoes.


Vegetables are a vital element for a healthy and happy body.  In addition to being packed with essential nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants a diet rich in vegetables and fruits:

  1. Lowers blood pressure
  2. Reduces risk of heart disease, and stroke, as well as eye and digestive problems
  3. Helps level blood sugar
  4. Can help keep appetite in check.

Let’s all do our part to entice those kiddos to eat their veggies!


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