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Ever had a mouse problem? How about rats? Opossums? I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Never did I have an encounter with a mouse let alone a rat. Not sure if I knew what an opossum was much less have problems with one in the house.  All three are rodents from the same family and look alike.

Living down south brought about experience with all kinds of unfamiliar creatures, I’m talking scary looking creatures like wood spiders for example. Those are one hairy spider and they jump. OMG! Need to scream, just meet up with one of those bad boys in the bathroom. Of course, the palmettos bugs are right up on the scream meter. They look a giant flying roach, by giant I mean starting at one inch in length.

frightened mouse

The first mobil home we rented was situated on a dense wooded lot and had mice unbeknown to us. They were big, chewed a hole in floor to gain entry. I withheld the rent when I found a hole in my son’s bedroom. The landlord provided glue traps. We set them out at night and retrieved them up in the morning before my son arose. On the second morning, I woke up to a glue trail down the hall. The traps were useless!

Resorting to advice from the local hardware store, we bought old-fashioned spring loaded Victor traps. Because my son was only two, I was worried about using these but had no alternative. Once again, we set the traps before bed. This night we were awakened mid way by the load snap and screeching of a huge mouse. Caught at the tail, it was still alive. Let me just stay I was happy I chose not to pinch pennies when I purchased my broom!

We had no idea how large that mouse was. I thought it a rat at first glance.  Oh but wait there is more, little did we know this process would be repeated two more times before the house was mouse free. Unbelievably, weeks later we awoke to an opossum hanging from the curtain rod. Remember that broom…


As you read, this post is sponsored. They story you just read is true. Because Victor is recognized worldwide a leader in rodent control as well as a trusted brand name and their traps worked for me, I accepted this review.  I have to tell you Victor offers a big selection of rodent control products that would have been better suited for my situation at the time. I am not alone in worrying about my son having an encounter with the mice as well as the danger of traps, thus sharing my experience might help someone else. I am sure the glue trap we used was not child safe and the spring loaded trap, even more frightening. Victor invented those back in 1890 and they obviously work.

Nowadays a whole host of solutions for rodent control and a full line of products for mouse problems that are safe for kids and pets, and non-toxic are available. Victor also provides very economical electronic traps and powerful electronic pest control devices. Certainly, a heavy-duty sonic device would have saved us the opossum scare.

In closing, Victor is a trusted company in my book. Right now, they have a special promotion. The “Protect Your Space Combo Kit” is on sale for $99.99 with FREE shipping.

Good luck!

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