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Fun Super Bowl Recipes

As many of you know, I am a self-proclaimed foodie and author the food blog Are you hungry? Check this out, there were no Super Bowl recipes prepared for Super Bowl XVI, January 24 1982. Can you imagine ME not preparing a single recipe on Super Bowl Sunday?

San Francisco and Cincinnati were playing in Pontiac Michigan. The historical highlights from the 49ers website read:

“Super Bowl XVI was a sight to behold. Thousands of 49er fans desperately clamored for tickets to see the 49ers first chance at a world championship. The scene in Pontiac, where the temperature was minus 27 degrees with the wind chill, was laughable. San Franciscans, with nothing warmer in their wardrobe than a London Fog raincoat, wandered around in Arctic conditions, shivering but uncomplaining. They were just happy to be there, and they were rewarded. When the 49ers walked away with a 26-21 victory, grown men stood in the aisles at the Silverdome with tears of joy shamelessly running down their cheeks.”

I was giving birth to my first son during the game. The delivery was hard and my prenatal care was achieved through a clinic. The care was by no means awful however, the staff consisted of one female and three male doctors. As a side note, I was married twice. This speaks to my clinic care and a deadbeat first husband. Sorry, I was having a flashback! Anyway, can you guess who delivered the baby? Yeah. Not only did the woman doctor care for mothers where my son was born but also for women at another hospital as well. Furthermore, it was snowing. She was burned, horribly burned. This was the only super bowl game I ever missed yet will never forget!

In honor of my son’s birthday and the my all time favorite sports event, watch chef Marty Larkin cook up some Super Bowl Recipes that are undeniably easy and delicious.

The series includes popcorn, several nacho recipes, and even a few skewer snacks too. This Pittsburgh Popcorn is my favorite recipe. Very unique idea combining bacon and real cheddar cheese with popcorn. More than likely a big bowl of this popcorn will make the party table.

Are you ready for some football? Go Pittsburgh!

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